Unemployment is Rampant

Life isnt always easy like what you thought it was. When I was still in school, my mindset was always WHEN I GRADUATE, I  CAN AUTOMATICALLY GET A JOB. Meaning I don’t need to exert much effort on finding it, like it was just there waiting for you.



Now, I graduated three months ago, but still unemployed. Why? Because the reality is you can’t get a job with just a blink of an eye or just a step of the right foot. I graduated with the profession of Hotel and Restaurant  Management, that means I can work in every department in hotel, restaurant, cruise ship and even in  airlines. I applied in hotels on our town but all of them said there were no vacancy for a new employee but I passed my resume instead. I also visited hiring jobs of hotels online and sent my resume but still, no one called.


I can even say that this is a tragic moment for me(while trying to cheer up myself). I imagined myself before that weeks after I get my diploma and Transcript of Record I’m already working and earning thousands of peso. Everytime I’m going to bed I think of where else I can get a job, it seems that all of them are fully booked. This time, I’m casting my charm on marina. I enrolled in a maritime school and took a Basic Safety Training and Crowd and Crisis Managenent to be qualified on inter-island shipping lines. I hope I can be lucky this time. By the way I also thought of a mismatch job, a job that is not related on my profession but my family didn’t approved it so I let it go. I always pray that after all what I have been through I can see a brighter light in the end and I believe that a HARDWORK WILL BE ALWAYS FOLLOWED BY REWARD ت                                             


If you are a student now and reading my blog. Please open your mind, don’t drown yourself into expectations but don’t stop dreaming atleast.
These might help:
1. If your course needs to have a board exam, give it a time, prepare yourself, focus on review and do your best. 
2. For those courses who don’t need board exam like mine, as much as possible, don’t waste time on just waiting for the company to call you, continue to apply on other.
3. Month before you graduate, try to search for a job fair or any hirings on the company you’re interested to apply so that you can prepare yourself for an interview, don’t forget to prepare the requirements needed.
4. Make an excellent performance on your on-job-training because the company might absorb you (just do it without expecting anything in return) 
5. If you are planning to apply for the job that isn’t related to your course, that was good but it might lead you to work there for the rest of the years and you might forget that you are a nurse working on a call center or a teacher working as an admin assistant.
6. Don’t get dissapointed and lose hope if you’re not hired. Remember this, GOD SAVES YOU THE BEST ت


I Can’t Live Without You

Dear Books,
These past few days, I always spending time with you. I don’t know what lead me to you but all I can say is I’m addicted to you. I miss doing other things because my attention’s at you. I can’t update my blog, I can’t check my email, facebook and twitter because every time I surf the net I always research more about you. Even if I take my lunch, my eyes still on you, inside the class I hide you at the top of my lap just to be with you and if our teacher don’t see I secretly reading you. I read you first before I do my homework. I read you first before I talk to my boyfriend. I’m spending sleepless nights just for you. Ohhh I don’t know what else can I do, I just can’t help to stop READING you 🙂
Your reader,

Well that’s the introduction drama for this post 😀 But all that I’ve said on my letter is true. I don’t know what happened to me for acting like a very obsessive to books. It started when I finished reading the Harry Potter books this year (before harry potter I finished reading a lot of books already but never been this addicted). I’ve read some of Nicholas Sparks books; Safe Heaven, Message In A Bottle, A bend In The Road, Nights In Rodanthe and some more. I also read the Little House Collection by Laura Inggals.


* Little House Collection
Little House in the Big Woods
Little House on the Prairie
Farmer Boy
On The Banks of Plum Creek
By the Shores of Silver Lake
The Long Winter
Little Town on the Prairie
These Happy Golden Years
The First Four Years (Little House Books)


Now, I’m reading the Chronicles of Narnia. I made a list also of the other books that I will be reading after the Narnia:


* Chronicles of Narnia

The Magician’s Nephew
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
The Horse and His Boy
Prince Caspian
The Voyage of the “Dawn Treader”
The Silver Chair
The Last Battle


*Percy Jackson and the Olympian

The Lightning Thief
The Sea of Monsters
The Titan’s Curse
The Battle of the Labyrinth
The Last Olympian


* Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero
The Son of Neptune
The Mark of Athena


* Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid
The Throne Of Fire
The Serpent’s Shadow


* The Last Apprentice

Revenge of the Witch
Curse of the Bane
Night of the Soul Stealer
Attack of the Fiend
Wrath of the Bloodeye
Clash of the Demons


* 50 shades of Grey
* 50 shades Darker
* 50 shades Freed


* Hunger Games
* Catching fire
* Mockingjay


I can’t wait to read this all 😉


P.S. I you are addicted to books also, I introduce you to this site: http://www.goodreads.com you can find the titles and authors of the books and you can read reviews and rates of the books. Enjoy!

Losing a Phone

Four months ago, I received a package from my Aunt and I was very happy to open it as I saw my new phone she given me as a birthday birthday gift. Nokia X2-01, even though that’s not that expensive but I really love the performance of that phone model, I filled it with songs, pictures, games, e-books (I even finished reading harry potter using that phone), it has also an Internet because my classmate installed UC browser on it so it doesn’t need to have a WiFi connection to surf. It seems that I have the perfect phone i could ever ask. 


Three days ago, I went to town to buy some stuffs for school when I passed through cellphone shop. I was really planning to buy my mother a new phone because I was actually saving for it to surprise her. I saw this Nokia C1-01 and I know she’ll like it, the price is almost 2500php and I can afford it. I haven’t bought it yet because I plan it to buy on April vacation. 


I was really happy as I went out the store imagining the day I’ll buy that phone for her. I’m walking when suddenly I noticed that my sling bag’s zipper is open, I got nervous and I looked for my phone right away. But it my phone wasn’t my bag anymore. I really cried that day, my phone didn’t even reach half a year with me. 

Well, life is like that, when you lose something, a better one will come next time, as of now I don’t have phone but my plan for buying a new phone for my mother didn’t change. I really miss my phone and I can’t help not to write it here. 

Thank you for reading by the way and just a reminder to always check your belongings when you go out because thiefs are everywhere 🙂

How’s Me?

Twitter, twitter, twitter. This is my everyday social life on internet. I abandoned facebook, my movie website, book website and especially my dearest wordpress website. Early in the morning this day, I checked my yahoomail, many have liked my post, and it melted my heart when I read the one email commented on my post asking me if I don’t have new post. That simple questiom made me realized that it’s been ages since I logged in to my blog. I suddenly miss blogging, I felt that I missed everything happened to this website for  how many months I was out.

ImageHello everyone 🙂

And this is me now, this picture was taken recently with my long hair, I’m still chubby and had this black spots on my right cheek. I was busier than ever at school, I almost finish reading the Harry Potter and I’m single (no boyfriend) again. Yes, my heart broke for ten times I think, I don’t think boyfriends are meant to me this time. I cry every night, waiting for someone to call me but I just waited for nothing. Well, that’s life. Long distance relationship has never been easy to handle.

My Christmas vacation was very happy and I was able to spend it worthily. Money is one thing I’ve been focusing for, I mean budgeting. I have catering subject, feasibility study and thesis writing this semester and it makes me going crazy mentally and financially. I only have time for myself when the time turns to eight o’clock in the evening, and I use it reading books, watch movie and working out, see? I can do it still 😀

Of course, starting now I will give time for posting on my blog. I’m really sorry for those people who expected new post from me, I swear I won’t disappoint you again. And thank you for keeping in touch 🙂

Never Ending Story

Well, this post is not a drama-thing anymore. Haha. Because I’m going to put some movie interest on my blog. This post is all about movies. I’m a big fan of movies especially those which came from Walt Disney. Yes, I really love them and I just realized that I haven’t post yet about films. Wondering why is it entitled as “Never Ending Story”? Simply because those are the movies that I’ve watched five times more without disliking them, I just love watching even though  I know the story already. And here they are, the nominated movies of my life:

1. Ramona and Beezus

Starring : Joey King and Selena Gomez

Comment: If you love kids and you watch it, you’ll love them more. If you hate kids then you watch this, you’ll love them.

Josh Duhamel and Ginnifer Goodwin

2. Life As We Know It

Starring: Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl (Yes I know, their names were in posters)

Comment: This is a story that you actually never thought happens but it happened. I watched this movie many times and it really made me fall in love to Josh Duhamel. The two couple was a perfect match.


3. Bridesmaids

The main stars were Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph. They were best friends and Maya was the bride wherein her bestfriend Kristen was chosen as his maid of honor.

Comment: Thumbs up to the producers and all the staff who gathered to make this film. A very funny one and it makes the reality of life. This is a Must watch film. Really made me laugh to death.

4. Tangled

Starring: Cartoon image of Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore.

Comment: Wow! I’m really enjoying watching it over and over again. Actually, I almost memorized all the script and the I can sing the song “When will my life begin”. Enjoy!

5. How to Train Your Dragon

Starring: Jay Baruchel

Comment: Honestly, I only seen it once, and that is the day before my exam. I failed to review my lesson and continue to watch this movie. This was awesome. Cartoons movie also creates an impact emotions in my heart.

You won’t regret after watching it. I just wanted you to feel how I felt while watching these wonderful films 🙂 Thank you for reading.

Do I Behave Normally?

It’s raining outside, it’s 12:16 am but I’m still awake. Why I couldn’t get rid of things? I’m on the third year college already, three semesters to go and I can already call myself as a professional. But why? Lately, I’m becoming so panic, nervous and so much worried about the future. I’m worried that I might go to the wrong way, I mean my parents is expecting too much from me and I’m afraid that I might not meet what exactly they wanted me to become. They want me to work abroad after graduation and earn dollars so I can help them; I’m thinking about that all the time that what if I couldn’t find a job abroad? What if I can’t support them financially? I really want to help them, if I could only fast forward the time so that they don’t worry about expenses anymore, I would. It hurts me every time I see my parents arguing about money, and discussing how they budget it for us. Hopefully, I can pass the interview of work and travel so that I able to have my On-job-training in U.S. this coming summer, that is the other thing that sticks in to my mind, I’m so pressured to the point that I can’t even concentrate on lessons, this is really serious. I also don’t understand myself why do I act this way. Sometimes, I ask myself if I’m going insane. I’m trying to adjust and refresh my mind but it always coming back, everyday. I want it to keep just for myself only but I can’t even handle this alone, I talked to my siblings of how I feel and they said that it is only normal because it is part of it. Well, that’s all I can say. I feel better if I’m sharing it to others so feel free to read and to comment. Thank you.

Time management, I need you now!

Last summer, I had trouble with my time. My class was every Mondays to Fridays, 8-12am. When I got home, I take my lunch then nothing more to do. All work was done already by my mother because she doesn’t have work during summer, she’s an elementary teacher. Then, everyday was a burden to me, I hate being at home then nothing more else to do. I’ve read books but only for minutes, I didn’t understand why I didn’t enjoy reading it for long during summer, I want more exciting. Surfing the net? I can’t, my little sisters and brother were using it, which is the only time they can touch PC, its summer! Rejoice for them. Watch television? I didn’t like it too. It’s too tedious for me to just spend time in front of the television all the time. I hate time being wasted. I wanted to make things that I can gain too much. I actually asked my mother if I can apply for work, she only laughed at me, what’s wrong? I only wanted to use my time in useful things. There’s a time when I cried because I don’t know what to do, and find myself walking and walking around the house it seems that I’m looking for a small thing that I couldn’t find. When summer class was over, I felt I was totally dead! The half day of boredom was added by another half day. I prayed not to happen it again, I really hate it. I want to become a busy person, like the busy people who have work. I want to become busy where in I go home for about 7pm, tired and the only thing I do is to eat and sleep. Then leave the house at 7am and be back again at 7pm. I really prayed for that. Our almighty God is very good that he heard my prayer and made it happen.

Today, I wake up 5am then prepare for school, leaves at 7am, my classes is until 4pm, 2:30 pm and the others are until 12pm but I go home 6 or 7pm. Why? I do all my works at school, and then we’re busy practicing a dance presentation for our incoming function. Seminars, workshops, practice, go out with friends, do my requirements for On-Job-Training and so on. I don’t even know what to do first. I made a list that needs to be accomplished but I can’t even do this because I spend a lot of time in school.

  • No grades below 83
  • Practice chess for Intrams this coming November or October
  • Jogging at least once a week
  • Finish reading at least one book in 2 weeks
  • Able to watch at least two movies in a week
  • Dinner for maximum of one cup rice
  • Attend mass every Sunday

That’s my goals and I can’t even spend a few hours for that. I thought it would be easier to become a busy person, but I love the feeling, I just don’t want to think that my other activities get out of my life. I’m very proud to those people who are busy but able to manage it, especially parents.


This is the day that I’m waiting for! May 16, 2011. I woke up early to attend mass, I got flood on my cellphone and I love it! Of course I have to attend my class. I’m not exempted on that. it’s kind of surprising, it’s my first time to have a birthday on school and first time to experience of singing a Happy Birthday song by my classmates. It’s a little kind of embarrassing but deep inside flattered. I’m actually dreaming of cake like this

Perfect for debut

but it’s worth 8000 pesos so I have to say no no for that and much better to have this

This is my original cake!

for only 500 pesos. See the difference? ha ha. It’s simple and affordable but Yum. It’s a mocha flavor. Love it! Imagine I had 3 parties. First, this one with my family.

Only the first part of the game. This was held on our dining area. next is with my friends, we’re now up on terrace! Nice view.

We had a lot of pose here ’til the digital camera cannot handle it anymore so he end up dead. ha ha. Fried Chicken, Buko Salad, Pancit, Plain Rice, Cake and for beverage are Red Wine and Softdrinks.

Finally the last party is with my uncle’s co-worker, they came up with the surprise and I got a liitle chatting on them in the garden for just about a minute. I missed to take picture on this part. Then I left them with my uncle.

Well well well, it’s too late and my friend’s house are  miles away so they slept with me. I really love that, chatting, laughing, picture-taking again on bed (Good thing my friend jenny brought her little camera. Here’s the sample:

That’s enough. We had just the same smiles on pictures. ha ha. Good thing we able to fit in ourselves in bed.

Then my day went so well, a very happy day. I will never forget this. I felt that I had all the things in life– Friends, Family, Love, Happiness, Good grades on school and everything. There is no word to describe how thankful I am. I didn’t expect to have a birthday party as happy as this. I hope that every girl who turn 18 would experience this, it’s priceless!

9 Days Left

On the 16th of May 1993, at around 5pm, a baby girl was born that added in the population of the Philippines. An eldest granddaughter and the eldest daughter brought joy to the family when they saw her lovely face at the very first time glowing at the nursery room of the hospital. Everyone was excited to touch her, to kiss her and bring her to soothe the body in their shoulders.
After several months, the child learned to crawl, talk and play. Went to kindergarten after a couple of years, she was taught how to write, read and of course to be friendly. She grew up shy and don’t even know how to control emotions, she cry everywhere when she feels crying, she laugh out loud when she cannot even control it.
On grade school life, she discovered that dancing is her talent. This child sets priority on her study, and got an academic award since grade school to college, she said that was one of the best gifts that parents shall have from their children. She has also dreams, a lot of dreams that cannot be anymore mentioned. Certainly, she is also not exempted into problems, she treats it as a challenge and she cried many times but tough enough to surrender. She fell in love and also felt unloved.
Once in her life, she also dreamt of being a princess on her 18th birthday. To have a gorgeous balloon pink silk dress, silver little crown with stunning diamonds on her head partnered with a Cinderella-like glass shoes, gentleman prince that escorts her into the center of the crowd, an 18 roses and 18 candles around her. A beautiful 5 layered cake standing in the middle of the variety of scrumptious foods in the long table. It seems that time runs fast than mind when this child was now already 17 and ready to turn 18 a week from now. Luckily, that child is ME.
My dream debut will just remain a dream. My parents cannot afford of what I wanted to have on my special birthday. But I’m still happy. Money cannot replace all the things that I have now – God, friends and family.

I’ve Only Asked for Bronze, Didn’t Expect to Have Gold

Hilarious!  How I see myself back in the past, crying and desperately in love with the person who leaves a big scar into my precious heart, the person who don’t really know the word “love”, since he only knew the word “game” that if you cheat, you won. However, time heals the wounds, memories remain but slowly vanish. I accepted the truth that we were not for each other. That Lord wants the best guy for me.

Now that I can say I moved on, I can laugh at myself on how I act before; it seems that I couldn’t have another guy in my life again, never realize that there is one person who is loving me in disguise, hurting when seeing me hurt and the only desire is to see me happy. I honestly don’t feel him before when he was courting me because my mind was shield with the wrong person.

He definitely courting me for about three years, such a fool I am doesn’t sense this prince charming of mine. Someone who is biggest fear is to lose someone like me.

Luckily, he was finally noticed. And there, I saw his genuineness. I never regret that I gave him a chance; we’re now running to seven months and really going stronger. He was different from what I expected. I thought that all boys would change after a couple of weeks, but I proved myself wrong, not all the boys are the same. He was the best boyfriend I ever had, so far, if ever.

No doubt how proud I am to the point that I write here, yes really proud, because I learned more from him. One thing is important in commitment is that both of you are learning from each other, you need to have benefits from each other;

  1. Developing social skills. Engaging yourself for having a relationship can help you develop your social skill; because it lessens your shyness and you are able to express your feeling that you think you can never do before.
  2. Spiritually advantage. One thing to know that your relationship is tough is that when you don’t forget God. It is actually where you are taking your strength for a going-stronger relationship.
  3. Appreciation and Support. Yes, family and friends can also give the same but isn’t romantic when it comes from your boyfriend? It will give you a total strength of mind.
  4. It teaches a couple to wait for the right time. Since both of you are still enjoying careers and achievements, it helps you understand that there is a right time for you and it is too early to involve yourself in a sexual category.

Those are the benefits that I gain from having a commitment and I learn more as days count. Having a boyfriend is not bad unless you are doing something bad with your boyfriend.

I haven’t expected for having this expensive gift that I cannot get if ever I wanted it. A gold that twinkled my weary chaos.

I’m glad that I’m in love. Thank you for reading and I hope you too had benefits upon reading this.

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