Expected “stress” Before Christmas Break :)

I’m so tiredĀ today, tired! tired! tired! but I never felt tired to check out my blog šŸ˜€ I had a whole day class, of courseĀ waking up before the sun rise up is a thing that is hard to do but I have to. IĀ need to be early at school due to a lot of things to be done (need to complete all the requirements before stepping at christmas vacation). We checked test papers on our management, one thing that IĀ  hate especially when you did not study well for that exam, another thing we done this day is staying at the library for two hours and obliged to do search about our Physical education lesson, scanning out the pages quickly but I was late to pass, nevermind.

Right after I step at the house and grab a few minutes rest, my sister text me to proceed to town for our scheduled gift shopping, I suddenly dressed up andĀ went immediately. We went along searching a giftĀ for our FilipinoĀ tradition’s “manito, manita” means referringĀ to girls and boys exchanging of gifts. It took three hours for us to find the best gifts that we wanted to give. Thanks to my best friendĀ for sacrificing to go with me. I chose a gift of different styles of earings for my daringĀ pretty manita. And hopefully she’ll like it.

it was already night-timeĀ when we reached home, we satĀ together fo dinner and carefully placed the gifts on the safest place, so it cannot be damaged of even a small insect. How ridiculous. Then, my task for the day is not yet done, I still have to do homework. I did it but it’s not yet perfectly done. I think I should refresh my mind then. So these is I’m doing right now, refreshing my self with blog. That’s all for today. I hope I can finish that later. Thank you for patiently reading this šŸ™‚


Start Of a New Lifestyle With My First Ever Blog :)

Well, this will be my first ever blog! I’m so happy for the successfully creating this one. How many times I tried to register but it seems that it’s not yet the time to have my own blog.

I don’t know what comes to my mind and I decided to open the google page and suddenly I saw the word blog so I set the click of my mouse there. Here comes again the wordpress.com and I signed in. After a few minutes of waiting and confirming on my yahoo mail, BOOM! I started to log in.

I’m sorry if there is somethingĀ mistake in my writing, I’m just starting to learn. Usually, I just write on my diary, I have 5 diaries already. I love writingĀ  because I can express what I feel, but I’ll just make an entry about the purpose of my writings.

I haven’t put themes yet because I’m not really familiar yet about those settings, but I hope i can do it ASAP.

At least, I have the other thing toĀ do now aside from facebook. That’s all for now šŸ™‚ hpe you didn’t get annoyed about it. Thank you for reading.