First Day Result

This day is much prettier than yesterday, at least. I woke up 8 am but I made a productive day– I clean the house, wash the plates, help grandma in her little sari-sari store, I’ve finished reading one whole magazine, and the most beautiful thing I made this day is making snack, I know it was cheap to be proud of but I’m really proud of myself that I made it, this is the mayo with boiled egg sandwich spread. haha! First, I boiled an egg with a boiling water then after peeling the egg, I sliced it to a tiny pieces. I just wanted to congratulate myself for cooking the egg well, not over-cooked and not half-cooked, it is because there is no part in the egg yolk that has a little color green on the outer side of it. Have you experienced boiling egg that has a little cor green on the side? Well, they said that it causes cancer, that was I heard. By the way, after slicing, I mixed it with the accurate amount af mayonnaise. 1:1 is the right  measurement. After mixing, you can already eat this with the sliced loaf bread. Most of the people wanted it with crushed onion but me, and my family preffered it without. That’s all I can share today. 🙂


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