I Was Cleansed Again

One of our beloved school goals is to have the catholic students confirmed before they will graduate in the secondary level, since I graduated from public school, there is no such activity offering like this. How lucky I am now with the college of this school that we are also obliged to join the high school students on their confirmation, faculty are also part of it and whoever part of the school is invited to join. As a preparatory for confirmation dated March 10, 2011 we have to pass seminar/recollection, confession and a three-day practices a days before the said event.

On February 19, 2011 is the seminar or recollection, it is to give a wisdom to the participants if what confirmation is and why do individual have to take this as a part of the catholic church. I learned many things on this one whole day sharing. Confirmation is one of the sacraments of initiation, it is part of the holy mystery and you take it as how you receive and understand the faith in your life, it is when the holy spirit comes inside of you. Taking confirmation is a serious thing and not because you cannot married without it. We also shared that day if how is our prayer in our life, because of this I became more compact on following Jesus Christ.

This day, after my last confession eight years ago, I was able to confess again, I feel better, light and happy. At least, I was cleansed again.


How I Do Things to Forget Everything

Forgetting is not easy but it can be if you started to accept everthing.For how many years we’re together, living without him is a new life to face. After all, I can manage not to think of him for an hour, and not to cry every time I think of him.  I’m happy with my life now, I’m gradually staying contented of what I have and I’m happy with the persons around me. Of course my friends and family became as supportive as they are. They’re inviting me on dinner, watch movies, talk and laugh together, and do everything that is funny.

I decided also to reduce my weight so that it will not be so hard for me to get work after I graduate, well that is two years from now. I’m  not really fat as what you think of but it’s just that it requires fitness on working in hospitality industry.  I eat rice maximum of one cup, I sleep eight hours a day, I go jogging once a week for about an hour and I’m also planning to take dance lessons. Doing all these things can make me crazy but it can really help me out. I’m also now learning to eat vegetables which I really don’t like before. I’ve just realized that my life before is weak, very unhealthy and boring. I have also a time now for reading, writing and a limited time to surf the net. Self-discipline is much-needed to be able to achieve goals. Life is happy when you just let yourself to be happy.

I know someday I can meet many more guys in my life. I have a long long way to go for a serious relationship. I have to graduate first and work. Thinking of him can just ruin my life. I know my soul mate doesn’t come yet so it’s fine, world is just keep on moving carrying a lot of problems in it so I have to do it too. I’m tough, God is with me. I’m happy for them and I’m praying for them. We are now living in different lives already. I know he’s not the right guy for me, because if he was, he can never do that to me. I just have to pretend now that being with him was just a wonderful dream that turned out to be a nightmare.

What I’ve Learned on Believing Promises

Most of the lesson I’ve learned so far in my life is from my teenage life. One thing for sure I had regret to do is believing on promises especially when it was made from a boy, from a boyfriend of mine that just left a painful scar in my heart. I always ask myself why they keep on promising without assuring that this will come true, and I also ask myself why I keep on believing without knowing that this was not true, after all. He promised me that I’m the only girl he’ll love forever. He said that I’m the only one that he wanted in his lifetime. But why? Now I discovered that he’s living with other girl while I’m hoping that he’ll come back. Yes, I’m so fool to believe all of that but the really sad thing there is he promised me. They’re getting married soon and I have no other choice but to forget everything and MOVE ON.