Unemployment is Rampant

Life isnt always easy like what you thought it was. When I was still in school, my mindset was always WHEN I GRADUATE, I  CAN AUTOMATICALLY GET A JOB. Meaning I don’t need to exert much effort on finding it, like it was just there waiting for you.



Now, I graduated three months ago, but still unemployed. Why? Because the reality is you can’t get a job with just a blink of an eye or just a step of the right foot. I graduated with the profession of Hotel and Restaurant  Management, that means I can work in every department in hotel, restaurant, cruise ship and even in  airlines. I applied in hotels on our town but all of them said there were no vacancy for a new employee but I passed my resume instead. I also visited hiring jobs of hotels online and sent my resume but still, no one called.


I can even say that this is a tragic moment for me(while trying to cheer up myself). I imagined myself before that weeks after I get my diploma and Transcript of Record I’m already working and earning thousands of peso. Everytime I’m going to bed I think of where else I can get a job, it seems that all of them are fully booked. This time, I’m casting my charm on marina. I enrolled in a maritime school and took a Basic Safety Training and Crowd and Crisis Managenent to be qualified on inter-island shipping lines. I hope I can be lucky this time. By the way I also thought of a mismatch job, a job that is not related on my profession but my family didn’t approved it so I let it go. I always pray that after all what I have been through I can see a brighter light in the end and I believe that a HARDWORK WILL BE ALWAYS FOLLOWED BY REWARD ت                                             


If you are a student now and reading my blog. Please open your mind, don’t drown yourself into expectations but don’t stop dreaming atleast.
These might help:
1. If your course needs to have a board exam, give it a time, prepare yourself, focus on review and do your best. 
2. For those courses who don’t need board exam like mine, as much as possible, don’t waste time on just waiting for the company to call you, continue to apply on other.
3. Month before you graduate, try to search for a job fair or any hirings on the company you’re interested to apply so that you can prepare yourself for an interview, don’t forget to prepare the requirements needed.
4. Make an excellent performance on your on-job-training because the company might absorb you (just do it without expecting anything in return) 
5. If you are planning to apply for the job that isn’t related to your course, that was good but it might lead you to work there for the rest of the years and you might forget that you are a nurse working on a call center or a teacher working as an admin assistant.
6. Don’t get dissapointed and lose hope if you’re not hired. Remember this, GOD SAVES YOU THE BEST ت


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  1. dailyquestleveling039
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 23:36:44

    I am happy that you have found a job. Do good and evolve with it 😀


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