Never Ending Story

Well, this post is not a drama-thing anymore. Haha. Because I’m going to put some movie interest on my blog. This post is all about movies. I’m a big fan of movies especially those which came from Walt Disney. Yes, I really love them and I just realized that I haven’t post yet about films. Wondering why is it entitled as “Never Ending Story”? Simply because those are the movies that I’ve watched five times more without disliking them, I just love watching even though  I know the story already. And here they are, the nominated movies of my life:

1. Ramona and Beezus

Starring : Joey King and Selena Gomez

Comment: If you love kids and you watch it, you’ll love them more. If you hate kids then you watch this, you’ll love them.

Josh Duhamel and Ginnifer Goodwin

2. Life As We Know It

Starring: Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl (Yes I know, their names were in posters)

Comment: This is a story that you actually never thought happens but it happened. I watched this movie many times and it really made me fall in love to Josh Duhamel. The two couple was a perfect match.


3. Bridesmaids

The main stars were Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph. They were best friends and Maya was the bride wherein her bestfriend Kristen was chosen as his maid of honor.

Comment: Thumbs up to the producers and all the staff who gathered to make this film. A very funny one and it makes the reality of life. This is a Must watch film. Really made me laugh to death.

4. Tangled

Starring: Cartoon image of Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore.

Comment: Wow! I’m really enjoying watching it over and over again. Actually, I almost memorized all the script and the I can sing the song “When will my life begin”. Enjoy!

5. How to Train Your Dragon

Starring: Jay Baruchel

Comment: Honestly, I only seen it once, and that is the day before my exam. I failed to review my lesson and continue to watch this movie. This was awesome. Cartoons movie also creates an impact emotions in my heart.

You won’t regret after watching it. I just wanted you to feel how I felt while watching these wonderful films 🙂 Thank you for reading.