9 Days Left

On the 16th of May 1993, at around 5pm, a baby girl was born that added in the population of the Philippines. An eldest granddaughter and the eldest daughter brought joy to the family when they saw her lovely face at the very first time glowing at the nursery room of the hospital. Everyone was excited to touch her, to kiss her and bring her to soothe the body in their shoulders.
After several months, the child learned to crawl, talk and play. Went to kindergarten after a couple of years, she was taught how to write, read and of course to be friendly. She grew up shy and don’t even know how to control emotions, she cry everywhere when she feels crying, she laugh out loud when she cannot even control it.
On grade school life, she discovered that dancing is her talent. This child sets priority on her study, and got an academic award since grade school to college, she said that was one of the best gifts that parents shall have from their children. She has also dreams, a lot of dreams that cannot be anymore mentioned. Certainly, she is also not exempted into problems, she treats it as a challenge and she cried many times but tough enough to surrender. She fell in love and also felt unloved.
Once in her life, she also dreamt of being a princess on her 18th birthday. To have a gorgeous balloon pink silk dress, silver little crown with stunning diamonds on her head partnered with a Cinderella-like glass shoes, gentleman prince that escorts her into the center of the crowd, an 18 roses and 18 candles around her. A beautiful 5 layered cake standing in the middle of the variety of scrumptious foods in the long table. It seems that time runs fast than mind when this child was now already 17 and ready to turn 18 a week from now. Luckily, that child is ME.
My dream debut will just remain a dream. My parents cannot afford of what I wanted to have on my special birthday. But I’m still happy. Money cannot replace all the things that I have now – God, friends and family.