How’s Me?

Twitter, twitter, twitter. This is my everyday social life on internet. I abandoned facebook, my movie website, book website and especially my dearest wordpress website. Early in the morning this day, I checked my yahoomail, many have liked my post, and it melted my heart when I read the one email commented on my post asking me if I don’t have new post. That simple questiom made me realized that it’s been ages since I logged in to my blog. I suddenly miss blogging, I felt that I missed everything happened to this website for  how many months I was out.

ImageHello everyone 🙂

And this is me now, this picture was taken recently with my long hair, I’m still chubby and had this black spots on my right cheek. I was busier than ever at school, I almost finish reading the Harry Potter and I’m single (no boyfriend) again. Yes, my heart broke for ten times I think, I don’t think boyfriends are meant to me this time. I cry every night, waiting for someone to call me but I just waited for nothing. Well, that’s life. Long distance relationship has never been easy to handle.

My Christmas vacation was very happy and I was able to spend it worthily. Money is one thing I’ve been focusing for, I mean budgeting. I have catering subject, feasibility study and thesis writing this semester and it makes me going crazy mentally and financially. I only have time for myself when the time turns to eight o’clock in the evening, and I use it reading books, watch movie and working out, see? I can do it still 😀

Of course, starting now I will give time for posting on my blog. I’m really sorry for those people who expected new post from me, I swear I won’t disappoint you again. And thank you for keeping in touch 🙂


What I’ve Learned on Believing Promises

Most of the lesson I’ve learned so far in my life is from my teenage life. One thing for sure I had regret to do is believing on promises especially when it was made from a boy, from a boyfriend of mine that just left a painful scar in my heart. I always ask myself why they keep on promising without assuring that this will come true, and I also ask myself why I keep on believing without knowing that this was not true, after all. He promised me that I’m the only girl he’ll love forever. He said that I’m the only one that he wanted in his lifetime. But why? Now I discovered that he’s living with other girl while I’m hoping that he’ll come back. Yes, I’m so fool to believe all of that but the really sad thing there is he promised me. They’re getting married soon and I have no other choice but to forget everything and MOVE ON.

Thank You, It’s Worthy.

We built a strong relationship before
We became a sweet lovers since then
We faced all trials together
I remember your laughter and your
hand that fist throughly my hand
Your voice that whispers “I love you”
on my ear
The one who sings “Forevermore” for me
I remember your warm hugs and kisses
The sweet smile that brightens my day
I miss all those things..
And I miss you.

You.. Who made me realize that this
happiness can’t be forever..
You.. Who made me realize that you
came just to make me fall for a while.

But I should thank you.
Thank you for letting me cry
without a shoulder to cry on.
Thank you, it’s all worthy.

The Feeling of Being Useless

Kriiing! Kriing!! Alarm clock noise cut my wonderful dream, it’s already 6 am and it’s time to wake up, but wait! I feel my head heavier than my body as I trying to get out of my bed. My head said “I still want to sleep” against my body says “I want to stand up!”. Feeling the softness of my pillow and the refreshing smell of my blanket plus remembering that no
class leads me to stop the annoying sound of the alarm clock and come back to my dreamland. As I opened my eyes, the glaze light of the sun piercing through the curtain and reminds me that it was late morning already. First thing I saw is my little cute wall clock telling me that it was 9 o’ clock already, here I go again. Taking breakfast, hotdog with unlimited cups of rice, CARBOHYDRATES! But I love rice, it seems that I cannot eat completely without the presence of the tempting rice. I can already feel my baby fats getting bigger day by day. After, watch tv for a while, play plants vs. zombies and wait for the clock to reach the 12 o’ clock so we eat again. Then, do the same thing again. This is one of the disadvantage of the vacation for me, It makes me lazy. I hate being idle but it’s like that you hate it but you love it too, did you get my point? The reason why I set an alarm at 6am is to wake me up early, take some exercise, prepare nutritious food, take a bath early in the morning and make the day productive
like helping on house chores, reading books so I can learn and write more and so whatever that can make my life happier. On this situation, I don’t really find myself challenging. Nowadays, I can’t sleep early, I often sleep for about 1 to 2 am in the morning, I don’t have exercise, I’m stock already! I feel really useless in this house.
My grandma is telling me that I might sleep during class hour because I always feel dizzy. Now, I want to fix all this mess I brought into my life. Starting tomorrow, I’ll wake up early, wash the clothes, clean the house , make some exercise and abate the amount of rice intake. I’ll try also to read some magazines to gain knowledge and try not to sleep in the afternoon. Well, im just typing now on my notepad  because we lose internet access for some few days. I’ll just post it and the result when the net comes back. Sorry for the wrong grammar 🙂