How’s Me?

Twitter, twitter, twitter. This is my everyday social life on internet. I abandoned facebook, my movie website, book website and especially my dearest wordpress website. Early in the morning this day, I checked my yahoomail, many have liked my post, and it melted my heart when I read the one email commented on my post asking me if I don’t have new post. That simple questiom made me realized that it’s been ages since I logged in to my blog. I suddenly miss blogging, I felt that I missed everything happened to this website forΒ  how many months I was out.

ImageHello everyone πŸ™‚

And this is me now, this picture was taken recently with my long hair, I’m still chubby and had this black spots on my right cheek. I was busier than ever at school, I almost finish reading the Harry Potter and I’m single (no boyfriend) again. Yes, my heart broke for ten times I think, I don’t think boyfriends are meant to me this time. I cry every night, waiting for someone to call me but I just waited for nothing. Well, that’s life. Long distance relationship has never been easy to handle.

My Christmas vacation was very happy and I was able to spend it worthily. Money is one thing I’ve been focusing for, I mean budgeting. I have catering subject, feasibility study and thesis writing this semester and it makes me going crazy mentally and financially. I only have time for myself when the time turns to eight o’clock in the evening, and I use it reading books, watch movie and working out, see? I can do it still πŸ˜€

Of course, starting now I will give time for posting on my blog. I’m really sorry for those people who expected new post from me, I swear I won’t disappoint you again. And thank you for keeping in touch πŸ™‚